7-1  The earliest gardens in Japan were graveled area for the kami to land
  7-2  Remains of an early imperial palace garden on the grounds of Nijo Castle, Kyoto
  7-3  Garden at Heian Shrine in Kyoto, reminiscent of earlier Shinden style gardens with buildings situated around a central pond
  7-4  Detail from the garden at Heian Shrine, Kyoto
  7-5  Paradise Garden pond at Byodoin Temple at Uji near Kyoto
  7-6  Rock garden at the Shingon headquarters on Mt. Koya
  7-7  Garden at a subsidiary temple on Mt. Koya
  7-8  Large pond garden at Daikakuji, a Shingon temple in Kyoto
  7-9  Pond garden at Daigoji, a Shingon temple in Kyoto
  7-10  Formal garden at Daisen-in, a Tendai temple at Ohara near Kyoto
  7-11  Informal garden at Daisen-in
  7-12  Manshu-in, Kyoto, a Tendai monzeki temple where emperors frequently retired to the monastic life
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