5-1  Inuyama Castle, completed in 1440, is the oldest extant castle in Japan and one of four castles awarded the status of National Treasure.
  5-2  Himeji Castle, completed in 1561, is considered to be the most beautiful castle in Japan.
  5-3  Partially reconstructed Kanazawa Castled, founded in 1580
  5-4  Detail of the entrance to the Kanazawa castle
  5-5  Matsumoto Castle, completed in 1593-94 is one of the 12 remaining original castles in Japan and one of four castles that have been awarded the status of National Treasure.
  5-6  Osaka Castle, completed in 1597, was the headquarters of the great military warlord Hideyoshi.
  5-7  Kumamoto Castle in Kyushu. Originally constructed in 1467, it burned in 1877 and has been rebuilt.
  5-8  Hirosaki Castle, constructed in 1611
  5-9  Hikone Castle, completed in 1622, is one of the oldest original castles in Japan. It was saved from destruction by the Emperor Meiji and is a national treasure.
  5-10  Samurai area of Kanazawa
  5-11  Detail from a samurai house
  5-12  Entrance to a "tea house" in the geisha district of Kanazawa
  5-13  Colorful interior of the "tea house"
  5-14  Structure in the temple area of Kanazawa
  5-15  A small courtyard garden ( tsubo ) at the Edo Period Normura residence in Kanazawa
  5-16  Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa, one of the three most famous gardens in Japan
  5-17  Seisonkaku Villa, constructed in Kenrokuen Garden in 1863 by the 13th Maeda daimyo for his mother
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