Inuyama Castle, completed in 1440, is the oldest extant castle in Japan and one of four castles awarded the status of National Treasure.
  Himeji Castle, completed in 1561, is considered to be the most beautiful castle in Japan. 
  Partially reconstructed Kanazawa Castled, founded in 1580
  Detail of the entrance to the Kanazawa castle
  Matsumoto Castle, completed in 1593-94 is one of the 12 remaining original castles in Japan and one of four castles that have been awarded the status of National Treasure.
  Osaka Castle, completed in 1597, was the headquarters of the great military warlord Hideyoshi.
  Kumamoto Castle in Kyushu. Originally constructed in 1467, it burned in 1877 and has been rebuilt.
  Hirosaki Castle, constructed in 1611
  Hikone Castle, completed in 1622, is one of the oldest original castles in Japan. It was saved from destruction by the Emperor Meiji and is a national treasure.
  Samurai area of Kanazawa
  Detail from a samurai house
  Entrance to a "tea house" in the geisha district of Kanazawa
  Colorful interior of the "tea house"
  Structure in the temple area of Kanazawa
  A small courtyard garden ( tsubo ) at the Edo Period Normura residence in Kanazawa
  Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa, one of the three most famous gardens in Japan
  Seisonkaku Villa, constructed in Kenrokuen Garden in 1863 by the 13th Maeda daimyo for his mother
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