Clothing worn around the house, shopping, and work is restrained for both men and women.
   Hade  (gaudy) kimono material is suitable for young girls.
   Senren  kimono material is suitable for young women.
   Jimi  (sober plainness) kimono cloth is suitable for domestic wear or older women.
  Older women in  jimi  kimono
   Shibui  (restrained spontaneity) material is suitable for older women who desire something less monotonous than  jimi .
  Maiko on left and Geisha on right with the two authors. As apprentice geisha, maiko can wear more colorful clothing than a geisha.
  Colorful graduation ceremony clothing
  Boy's formal kimono is relatively lacking in color.
  Girl's formal kimono is much more colorful than her male counterpart.
  Mother's kimono is plain compared to that of her young daughter.
  This photo exemplifies the rules for both gender and age. The father is dressed in a dark suit; the mother's formal kimono is less colorful than that of her young daughter.
  Comic book provide a private outlet for fantasy.
  Pachinko parlours provide a stimulating, noisy environment for those wishing to escape the monotony of everyday life.
  A love hotel with its garish colors
  A fantasymobile
  Colonel Sanders dressed as a samurai
  Religious statue (Jizo) equipped with helmet and gasoline can
  Religious statue with clothing and make-up
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