3-1  Heijogu, the central part of the imperial palace in Heijokyo (present day Nara). Model at the Nara Bunkazai Kenkyujo in Nara
  3-2  Reconstruction of part of the emperor's living quarters (Dairi), in the Shinden style, at Heijokyo palace in Nara.
  3-3  The ancient Shosoin, former repository of the belongings of the Emperor Shomu (724-749), who ruled during the Nara Period.
  3-4  Heian Shrine in Kyoto is a two-thirds size reproduction of the original palace in Heiankyo (present day Kyoto).
  3-5  Shishinden, the main building in the imperial palace where important state ceremonies were held. Constructed in the Momoyama Period (1573-1600), it is now at Ninnaji in Kyoto.
  3-6  View of the current Shishinden through a gate at the imperial palace (Gosho) in Kyoto
  3-7  View through the west entrance to the courtyard of the Shishinden
  3-8  The Seiryoden, the private living quarters of the emperor at the Kyoto Gosho
  3-9  East veranda of the Seiryoden
  3-10  Painted sliding doors at the Kyoto imperial palace (Gosho)
  3-11  Katsura Rikyu Detached Palace in Kyoto, belonging to the imperial household
  3-12  Tayasumon Gate in Kitanomaru Park, Tokyo is an entrance to the Tokyo imperial palace, originally the castle of the Tokugawa shoguns.
3-13  Entrance to Nijo Castle Palace, Kyoto
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