Heijogu, the central part of the imperial palace in Heijokyo (present day Nara). Model at the Nara Bunkazai Kenkyujo in Nara
  Reconstruction of part of the emperor's living quarters (Dairi), in the Shinden style, at Heijokyo palace in Nara.
  The ancient Shosoin, former repository of the belongings of the Emperor Shomu (724-749), who ruled during the Nara Period.
  Heian Shrine in Kyoto is a two-thirds size reproduction of the original palace in Heiankyo (present day Kyoto).
  Shishinden, the main building in the imperial palace where important state ceremonies were held. Constructed in the Momoyama Period (1573-1600), it is now at Ninnaji in Kyoto.
  View of the current Shishinden through a gate at the imperial palace (Gosho) in Kyoto
  View through the west entrance to the courtyard of the Shishinden
  The Seiryoden, the private living quarters of the emperor at the Kyoto Gosho
  East veranda of the Seiryoden
  Painted sliding doors at the Kyoto imperial palace (Gosho)
  Katsura Rikyu Detached Palace in Kyoto, belonging to the imperial household
  Tayasumon Gate in Kitanomaru Park, Tokyo is an entrance to the Tokyo imperial palace, originally the castle of the Tokugawa shoguns.
Entrance to Nijo Castle Palace, Kyoto
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